Come on bro.. All she wants is for you to try. To just be there for her whenever she needs you most. To start her mornings with cute messages that had been sent while she was asleep. & to end every night to the sound to your voice as “i love yous’” roll off your tongue. Those days and nights where you guys spend hours doing completely nothing but cuddling. Her heart doesn’t have a value or price on it. But it does have rules and expectations you need to go by. She expects you to love her. She wants you to make her your number one priority. She wants you give her respect and to be loyal within the relationship. Shes your girl, and dont take her for granted, because im sure guys that know they can treat her better are waiting in line. Enough with the games and enough with the fake spit. Don’t give her a hard time for something you have done. Don’t push her away just because you know that you can, One day shes going to get sick of everything and stop chasing. 


my sister got glitter all over her friends phone and i thought it looked really cool so ya c:


I hope NSA won’t find me now (¬‿¬)  IG:thisisquality

you know NSA can read all my texts and phone calls because they’ve hacked Belgium’s national provider for years and they think it’s okay…

model creds to my cousin Ruth

Summertime 2014 - Disneyland Paris

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